We are Big Blue Bertha Food Truck

A food truck serving Southern and New Orleans influenced food. And all kinds of other good stuff, and a lot more to come. I go Crazy for food!!!!

We are located in the Lake Tahoe area. Please follow us on social media to see where we are located each week.

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Bite My Sammies

Our sandwich menu includes phillies, po' boys, and sliders.

Our "Philly" Sandwiches

Size does matter:
The Big Willy [Whole]
The Little Willy [Half]

With/Without House Pickled Jalapeños

Lillie's "Philly"

Hot, chipotle spiced grilled filet mignon and onions, bacon white cheddar cheese sauce, LGA, chimichurri aioli, L&T, jalapeño

Chico's Chix "Philly"

Mild chipotle spiced grilled chix and onions, bacon white cheddar cheese sauce, SS #1, rstd. red pepper, ranch, L&T

"The Big Easy" Po' Boy's

Edwin Lee’s Fried Shrimp

Cajon remoulade, L&T

Roscoe’s Roast Beef

Slow roasted beef, mayo, L&T

Crabby Patty’s Crab Cake

SS #1, LGA sauce, L&T

"Slider Style"

Mama Mia’s Fried Mozzarella Ball “Parm”

Two big balls with spicy arrabiata sauce


“Surf-n-turf”: grilled filet mignon, a crabby patty crab cake, OMG sauce, L&T

Mari’s Mini Meat Mania

6 oz house ground sirloin burger, bacon, pastrami, swiss, 1000 island, pickles, fried onion strings

Ode to Joan

House roasted turkey breast, extra sharp cheddar cheese, homemade apple butter, granny smith apples, grilled on extra thick sourdough.

Snack on this

Fried Artichoke Hearts

Crabby Patty’s Crab Cake Balls

Edwin Lee’s Fried Shrimp

Mama Mia’s Fried Mozzarella Balls

Crawfaddy’s Crawfish Beignets

“Philly Fries”

Bacon Cheese Fries


Fried Onion Strings

Feeling Saucy???

SS #1- Rstd. Sweet Corn Aioli

LGA- Lemon Garlic Aioli

Rstd. Red Pepper Ranch

Cajun Remoulade


Chimichurri Aioli

Bacon Jalapeño Ranch

Bacon White Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Arrabiata Sauce

OMG- White Truffle Herb Aioli

Apple Butter

Rock-n-Roll ranch

Contact Us

Call us at (530) 721-7270

Email us at [email protected]